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How To Use Share Price

Share Price

Welcome to Share Price, an Australian share market tool to help you discover the best performing shares on the (ASX) Australian securities exchange. Below will be a list of tasks the site can perform and also, some up and coming features. If you do have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

Share Price has every Australian Public company in its database, this can include companies which have been delisted after a company has closed. There are two ways to find a company, one is to search using the search bars located at the top of the site or on the side with the text “Search for A Company” on them. When searching you can use the company’s name or abbreviation. You can also search using the company’s GICS Industry Type Company List.

Once you find the company you are looking for you will be able to see:

  • A short description of the company (in most cases).
  • The Current Share Price of the company
  • Daily gains or losses
  • The Share price over 1 day. 1 year, 2 years, 5 years.
  • Stock Quotes – These can be / delayed, except where indicated otherwise and the currency is in AUD
  • Key Company Statistics
    • Enterprise Value/Revenue
    • Return on Assets
    • Return on Equity
    • Enterprise Value
    • Total Cash
    • 50-Day Moving Average
    • 200-Day Moving Average
  • There are more you might find while searching, some companies might show less.
  • News headlines of current media releases and other information important to the share price.

You are able to check the current currency rates of the Australian Dollar (AUD) compared to other currencies.

Share Price will show the ASX top performers including the ASX 10, ASX 50, ASX 100, ASX 200, ASX 500.

Share Price will be posting news regularly showing top trends and how to guides for new investors.

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